About HanaGold Token (HNG)

HanaGold jewelry joint stock company was established in 2020, is an innovative start-up enterprise in the field of gold, silver and gemstone. We apply 4.0 technology in business with a pioneering project called HanaGold.
Potential in the 4.0 technology era along with the need to use and invest in gold, HanaGold quickly flashed the opportunity to develop the gold industry in Vietnam according to an improved model compared to the traditional one, creating a breakthrough for gold business in Vietnam.
Our mission is to ensure property value and provide peace of mind when attached.
- Vision: To become the national gold brand by 2025
- Strategy: Applying 4.0 technology in business development of gold, silver and gemstone industry in Vietnam, make gold more versatile
- Core values: Safety - Convenience - Fast


The NFT technology has become a new trend in blockchain technology, especially for arts and games. So is it possible to rock the market for luxury jewelry? Jewelry is possession of long-term value, and NFTs are perfect for the demand of reserving its value for a lifetime. HanaGold has pioneered the application of NFT technology to jewelry collections to make them unique and exclusive in Vietnam.
Besides issuing NFTs that are tied to physical pieces, HanaGold also plans to launch a line of digital-only NFTs, similar to the NFT artwork that's being offered in several marketplaces.



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Reserve Fund: 25%
Team: 20%
Community and Airdrop: 10%
Marketing: 15%
Partners and Ecosystem: 5%
Strategic Investor: 10%
Private Sale: 10%
Public Sale: 5%


Name HanaGold Token
Signal HNG
Standard KRC20
Contract 0x148De93957ED77f8D55
Issuing platform KardiaChain
Token Type Utility Token
Total release 30,000,000 HNG
Token Symbol
Name HanaGold Token
Signal HNG
Standard KRC20
Contract 0x148De93957ED77f8D5546323b1EdA0Bf06eB52f3
Issuing platform KardiaChain
Token Type Utility Token
Total release 30,000,000 HNG
Token Symbol


Quarter IV - 2020

Established HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company

Quarter I - 2021

  • Opening the head office at 136 Le Tuan Mau, Ward 13, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

Quarter II - 2021

  • Launching of mobile app demo version
  • The first 100 users to experience the app
  • Develop 10 agents
  • There are 3 showrooms in Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi

Quarter III – 2021

  • Complete App HanaGold
  • Increase the number of users to 1,000 users
  • There are 20 agents
  • Sales of 100 gold taels

Quarter IV – 2021

  • The number of users reaches 10,000 users
  • Connecting 2 more jewelry factories
  • Increase the number of franchised showrooms to 10 stores in other provinces
  • Reach 50 agents
  • Sales of 200 gold tatels

Quarter I - 2022

  • Connecting 10 most prestigious traditional gold shops
  • Continue to grow users to 50,000 users
  • There are 100 agents
  • Organize Jewelry Show Launching exclusive and limited edition jewelry collections from HanaGold

Quarter II – 2022

  • Connect 30 traditional gold shops to HanaGold
  • Prepare documents to be listed on Upcom stock exchange
  • Converting 100 investors owning HNG into official shareholders of HanaGold

Quarter III & IV - 2022

  • Established Vietnam Jewelry Alliance
  • HanaGold is listed on the HOSE stock exchange

2023 - 2025

  • Building a jewelry tourism center in the North and the South in Vietnam
  • Develop and expand to international market


Luong Hoang Hung
Media Advisor

Luong Hoang Hung

Journalist Luong Hoang Hung - Vice President of Vietnam Business Science Union, Editor-in-Chief of Intellectual Property and Creativity Magazine. Journalist Luong Hoang Hung has long been a familiar name not only in the press, but also in the business community, especially for StartUp businesses. He has 30 years of experience in the field of communication, having worked in many major press agencies such as Saigon Giai Phong, Education, Trade, etc. Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. Intellectual Property and Creativity Magazine - one of the leading press agencies in the field of intellectual property, creative technology. He also participated in founding, coordinating and supporting activities for many organizations that create good social effects such as: Vietnam Science and Entrepreneurs Union, Vietnam Entrepreneurs Institute, Digital Asset Management Center, Electronic Vietnam Golf, Entrepreneurs & Administration Club, Khanh Hoa Saigon Entrepreneur Club, Real Startup Institute, Vietnam Golf Club, Entrepreneurs Club Debt Consulting, Group Management Management and Entrepreneurship,...

Hoang Duc Trung
Investment Advisor

Hoang Duc Trung

He has over 28 years of experience in business consulting, operations and venture capital across the region in SEA and Silicon Valley. During his career, he has served as an advisor on numerous boards for tech startups that have successfully expanded across the region and have achieved successful local IPOs. He received an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands.

Dao Tien Phong
Legal Advisor

Dao Tien Phong

- Managing Attorney Investpush Legal
More than 16 years of experience in the field of business law (foreign investment, trade, M&A, startup, e-commerce, fintech, finance, banking etc...) and experience working with many types of projects Investment projects such as distribution, construction, manufacturing, education, logistics Some typical participating projects such as: Super contest: Parkson (Le Thanh Ton, Hung Vuong, Hai Phong, Ha Noi), Family Mart. Distribution: Cochine, Servicom, Noble Coffee. Logistics: Addicon, Securiforces, Pacific Airlift, Eimskip. - Insurance, accounting: AIG Vietnam (Chartis), Odyssey, Inta. Real estate: Endo-Viet Quoc, Gamuda - Nam Long; BCC Hai An; Blooming Park (Imeria An Phu); Fideco (Dong Binh Duong) …E-commerce: BACS, Brian Coles Partnership, Thue LLC, Getlinks…

Trinh Thanh Hai
Foreign Affairs Advisor

Trinh Thanh Hai

- Master of Business Administration in Finance - George Washington University - USA
- Bachelor of Economics - National Economics University
Mr. Hai is an Investment Finance expert with 30 years of experience, holding many management positions at leading enterprises in Vietnam and the US such as New York Life, Indochina Capital and Bao Viet. Currently, Mr. Hai is the Managing Director of TransPacific Pathway Link LLC.

Tran Quang Chien
Technology and Security Advisor

Tran Quang Chien

- CEO, Co - Founder of VNDC, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cystack.
Over 05 years of experience in information security, software engineering, blockchain technology. He is participating in many important advisory roles in many innovative projects, developing e-commerce applications. application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Typical projects such as VNDC Wallet Pro, 100man




Buy Accumulate
More than 65% of gold purchases are used to accumulate, secure for the future and often given as gifts in the family. The two most popular forms: Buy gold on the day of the God of Wealth for luck and buy gold for weddings, wealth for children and grandchildren…
Gold jewelry
The need to affirm the position as well as the desire for exclusive ownership has led the gold jewelry models into gold jewelry designed separately for each collection, customer object…
Investment enjoy price difference
About 35% of the remaining gold purchases are aimed at price spikes and then resell immediately to enjoy the difference
Gold only
Gold is used a lot for future accumulation needs, but buyers need a minimum amount of capital to buy gold and it often takes a long time to get the initial capital.


Company name: HanaGold Jewelry
Joint Stock Company
Address: 136 Le Tuan Mau Street
13 Ward, 6 District
Ho Chi Minh city
Email: contact@hanagold.vn
Website: www.hanagold.vn
Fanpage: facebook/VangHanaGold
Youtube: www.youtube.com
Hotline: 088 9028 009
Company name: HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company
Address: 136 Le Tuan Mau Street, 13 Ward, 6 District, Ho Chi Minh city
Email: contact@hanagold.vn
Website: www.hanagold.vn
Fanpage: www.facebook/VangHanaGold
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/hanagold
Hotline: 088 9028 009